Society of Witchcraft and Old Magick
The Society of Witchcraft and Old Magick is a traditional occult order that operates in the tradition of American Witchcraft.  It is important to understand that we are not Wiccan, as that is a specific tradition, much in the same way that Lutheran, or Catholic, or Baptist are specific traditions within Christianity.  American Witchcraft is a style of practice under the general umbrella of paganism, the term which tends to encompass all nature-based spiritual and religious practices.  Lady Nikki, the High Priestess was trained as a Witch and Priestess in the Religious Order of Witchcraft, and has since gone on to create, this, her own, coven.  The Wardwell tradition is named for Lady Nikki's direct eight-times great-grandfather, Samuel Wardwell, who was one of the people hanged in Salem on the charges of witchcraft.  In this unique and quickly growing tradition, students follow a year and a day training program toward initiation, and all students attend moon and Sabbat celebrations with the coven.  Our practice has an emphasis on ritual and ceremonial magick, as well as rich teaching in folk magick, divination and spirit communication.  Our ceremonies address both the divine feminine and masculine, and use terms such as Spirit to help encompass whatever form each practitioner uses to envision the divine, and the intelligent energies of nature and the cosmos.  Because of the open and eclectic nature of American Witchcraft, it is a perfect course of study for a person with any mix of high/low magick, ceremonial or folk magick interests.  Please feel free to ask further questions by emailing Lady Nikki anytime.